"In the role as a twenty man Personal Security Detachment Team Leader. Mr. Kohler was a thorough planner who delivers comprehensive briefing and is decisive in command”

“he was held in high regard by member of both private security teams and US/UK Special Forces”

“Mr. Kohler is a complete professional. Able to add value at every level, I could not recommend him higher”

-Officer, British Army 

“After the September 11 attacks ….. I turned toward experts outside my agency to provide training..

This course covered Maritime tactics, terrorist behavior, Vessel terminology and close quarter combat. A large portion of the course was instructed by Mr. Bart Kohler. Bart proved to be an outstanding instructor who took great pride in his instruction.

Bart was well spoken and presented himself and his organization very professionally. It is to date one of the best training courses I have received.

Bart assisted with providing me the training and confidence to move forward in my endeavor to provide a safer passage to commuters who utilize the state ferry system. I would strongly recommend Bart.

Washington State Patrol



Security, Training, Investigations

Professionals Providing Professional Services 

Making sense of a confusing industry

The security and training sector has seen an explosion of companies stepping into this burgeoning industry.  Many traditional private investigative companies are quickly expanding their services to take advantage of this growth.  For many companies, security and training have become an "extra" business that they have added to their portfolio.  

At C4i Services, we LIVE security and training. We are not "bodyguards". We do not offer a three day "protection specialist" course. We utilize decades of experience to provide a suite of services, from threat assessment to kidnap avoidance.  Our experience comes, not from week long courses, but from serving as NRA/ LE instructors or instructors at the JFK Special Warfare Center.

Our training and security teams combine years of military and Law Enforcement experience with real-world protection and training scenarios to provide our clients with world-class services.  

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